• Medical ultrasound field

    It introduces a variety of products that measure and analyze pulse-echo performance characteristics and analysis of finished products, and the capacitance of cable ends automatically from PZT impedance measurement of ultrasonic transducers.
  • Industry

    Tire's Grounding Configuration and Ground Resistance, Pinch-Cut Measurement and analysis products and environmental tests of various motors A variety of measuring and analyzing cycles, frequencies, voltages, etc.
    We introduce products.
  • Precision Parts Processing

    With expertise in ultrasonic transducers The overall jig, semiconductor and We introduce products that make precise parts for electronic parts.


Latest News

  • Medical Ultrasound Field

IMP - Capacitor Test

It is a measuring instrument for checking the status of miss wiring, open, short, etc. by utilizing the capacitance value in a multi channel transducer. It is made by utilizing know-how derived from long time measurement of ultrasonic transducer.
  • Medical Ultrasound Field

Pulse-Echo Measurement System

This system, which is designed for pulse-echo measurement of ultrasonic transducers, has 3 linear and 3 rotary axes. By excluding the motor, the user can manually align and measure the system is.
  • Industry

Tire Inspection Test System

It is all in one system that can perform tires ground shape, ground pressure distribution, ground tire shape, ground resistance pinch-cut test. The measured data is saved according to the test type, and the results can be retrieved and checked through the Report program. You can also extract reports in Excel format.
  • MCT Machining Field

Ultrasonic transducer fixing jigs

Based on our know-how about medical ultrasonic transducers, we produce and supply various kinds of jig such as universal fixture, target, lens joint jig. Conveying production system using Vacuum and manufacturing / delivery of carrier jig for semiconductor and electronic parts We have abundant experience.

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